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What is RASP?

Research and Scholarship in Pharmacy (RASP) is a longitudinal, selective pathway within the Doctor of Pharmacy elective curriculum that is built around a mentored, in-depth, scholarly project where each student will:

  1. Frame an answerable question with a faculty mentor,
  2. Generate and interpret relevant data, and
  3. Communicate their findings in an oral and written form.

Students that successfully complete the RASP pathway and its requirements will be eligible to graduate with Honors (provided they meet the University GPA requirement of ≥3.3 and submit an approved Honors Carolina thesis document).


What types of projects are available for students?

Projects are supported by UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy faculty in each of the five Divisions on both the Chapel Hill and Asheville campuses. RASP projects span multiple domains, and could include hypothesis-driven research or non-hypothesis driven research.

A summary of the types of projects conducted by current and former RASP students, as well as the academic Divisions of their faculty mentors, is illustrated below. To date, 103 students have completed or are currently enrolled in the RASP program. Their research projects have been completed in collaboration with 56 distinct faculty mentors. A complete list of students enrolled in the RASP pathway and their projects is available in RASP Projects & Students.

Summary of Ongoing and Completed RASP projects

Questions?  Contact Dr. Craig Lee or Christina Pomykal.

Last updated 2019-05-10